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This LibGuide will help one maximize the use of digital-age research technology available at the Naval War College. Contains links to books and articles by noted experts, continuously updated to keep pace with the ever expanding research in space studies





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How to Use this LibGuide

This LibGuide is an aid to those looking for information on space, space weaponry and astropolitics. It is a tool by which the researcher can find information gathered electronically in one location. Links to websites, newsfeeds, the library catalog, suggested databases, and selected reports are provided. It is not a bibliography, but rather a starting place for research on the topic of space that we think you will find useful. Click on the tabs above to explore other pages of this guide.

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Issues in Space




"The study of the relationship between outer space terrain and technology and the development of political and military policy and strategy.”

Dolman, Everett C.  Astropolitik:  Classical Geopolitics in the Space Age.  Portland, OR:  Frank Cass Publishers, 2002. 


Space Exploration


"We are explorers.  Our curiosity propels us to push the frontiers of human possibility and imagination.  This is the core of NASA's mission -- we dare to explore."

Michael D. Griffin, NASA Administrator, April 2008


Space Weaponry

"We define space weapons and offensive space warfare initiatives as terrestrially based devices specifically designed and flight-tested to physically attack, impair, or destroy objects in space, or space-based devices designed and flight-tested to attack, impair, or destroy objects in space or on earth. This definition respects the distinction between capability and actuality. It excludes residual or latent space warfare capabilities, such as ballistic missiles. Also excluded in this working definition are satellites that provide essential military functions but do not serve as weapon platforms. In other words, the definition used here clarifies the essential distinction between the current military uses of space and the flight-testing and deployment of space weapons that some wish to pursue in the future.  This definition also excludes activities that are specifically designed to interfere with the uplinks or downlinks of satellites.  Jamming is treated separately from direct, physical attacks against satellites because jamming has long been considered a part of warfare, whereas direct attacks in or from space would be consequential firsts in the history of warfare."

Michael Katz-Hyman and Michael Krepon.  "Viewpoint: Space Weapons and Proliferation."  Non Proliferation Review.  Vol 12, No.2 (July 2005): 325-326.



 The Future in Space



"America needs to be seen as a leader into the future, and no venture, no journey, no undertaking represents the future more than human spaceflight."

Joan Johnson-Freese. Testimony before the Senate Committee on Commerce, Science, and Transportation, Space, Aeronautics, and Related Sciences Subcommittee.  Hearing on "Reauthorizing the Vision for Space Exploration."  7 May 2007