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This research guide is an aid to those looking for information on the subject of ethics, including military ethics, ethics and technology, society and art. It contains links to websites, newsfeeds, the library catalog, and suggested databases.


Note: Links to the NWC databases will work from off-site via the EZProxy for authorized users only.

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This research guide is intended to provide a few starting points to assist you with your research on issues related to ethics, including military ethics, ethics and technology, society, and art.  Included in this guide are sources found on the internet such as websites, news & media, videos, and also a selection of articles and books available from the US Naval War College Library.

These sources listed are by no means an extensive bibliography. Many more resources are available that will help you in researching this topic.



He has integrity if his interest in the good of the Service is at all times greater than his personal pride, and when he holds himself to the same line of duty when unobserved as he would follow if all of his superiors were present.

            Brigadier General S.L.A. Marshall, The Armed Forces Officer, 1950


Military Ethics addresses the moral issues raised by the employment of organized forces of mass destruction.  These issues have been apparent to many cultures throughout the centuries.  Western European thought on the ethics of war is embedded in just war theory, which can be defined as a military action that is justified as being permissible for legal or moral reasons. 

                                                                                                     Encyclopedia of Ethics, 2001, p. 1093.

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Related Terms

Jus Ad Bellum

Legitimate reasons why and when wars can be morally justified; criteria that render a war just.  Contains several overlapping conditons that include right authority, just cause, appropriate means, no peaceful alternatives, and right intention.


Jus In Bello

Regulation on how wars are fought irrespective of the reasons for the conflict; what moral standards should or shouldn't govern the conduct of those engaged in war.  Conditions include discrimination or noncombatant immunity, proportionality, and sometimes illegitimate means.

      Encyclopedia of Ethics, 2001, p. 1093