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NWC Library Research & Instruction Services: NWC Library Information Literacy Program Statement

The purpose of this guide is to enhance and guide the research process. It is compiled to address specific questions regarding research and the how-to's of utilizing library resources

The NWC Library & Information Literacy

The Naval War College Henry E. Eccles Library is committed to supporting excellence in research, teaching and learning as well as in providing an atmosphere which fosters creativity, discovery, critical thinking, service and communication.

The Library strives to create lifelong learners by modeling and teaching library users to manage information efficiently, effectively, and ethically.  This sets the standard for information literacy accross the Naval War College curriculum.

Library Mission Statement

To carry out our mission, the library commits to:

  • Partner in the educational mission of the institution to develop and support information-literate learners;
  • Understand the learning, research, and teaching needs of both its resident and distance education students and faculty;
  • Develop and maintain physical and virtual spaces, collections and discovery layers that enable learning, research, and knowledge exchange;
  • Measure and assess learning spaces and information literacy learning outcomes;
  • Collaborate with other libraries and archives in Navy higher education to share and conserve resources;
  • Ensure that materials of enduring value are preserved and made accessible;
  • Continue evolving the information ecology of the Learning Commons by developing activities and aligning spaces to match student needs.

Library Information Literacy Program Statement

The Naval War College Library Information Literacy Program Statement has a specific goal to draw attention to the role information plays in higher education and lifelong learning, and the social and ethical issues raised by its growing importance.