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Course Reserves: e-Reserves Request Form

Information on the electronic and print materials that are put on reserve for various course required reading lists

Accessing the Course Reserves Request Form

The Course Reserves Request Form is accessible through Blackboard.  Once in Blackboard, access the class where you want to add e-Reserves items. In the Course Menu, click on "ARES e-Reserves" to bring up the ARES Course Reserves window.  Under Instructor Course Tools (or in some cases Proxy Course Tools), click on the "Add Reserve Items" link:





This will bring you to an options screen:




From there, you can choose to add requests for an article, book, ebook, or other digital files and media.  Clicking on each of these options will bring you to the request form (see example below).  You also have the option of importing reserves materials from other courses. Once items are submitted you will be able to track their progress through the e-Reserve system. 

Please Note: For placing just a few pages of a book or small sections that are not whole chapters of a book on reserve, clicking either the "Add Chapter" or "Add Book" links would be the best options to select.  Then designate the pages needed in the Notes field.

Sample Request Form

Reserves Contact Information

Course Reserves is a unit of the Information and Access Services Department.  Staff may be contacted at the Service Desk in the library if you need assistance.



(401) 841-6512


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