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Counterintelligence: Operation Zebra Station

Counterintelligence can be described as activities designed to prevent or thwart spying, intelligence gathering, and sabotage by an enemy or other foreign entity. This guide provides books, articles, reports, websites, and videos on the subject.

Operation Zebra Station

Operation Zebra Station-- During this operation, Stephen Joseph Ratkaia Hungarian-Canadian, was arrested, charged and convicted of espionage in Newfoundland in February 1989.  Recruited by Soviet Intelligence to become a courier for information at the US Naval Station in Argentia, Newfoundland, he was caught in a sting operation and was arrested after receiving documents from a U.S. Navy double agent.  He pleaded guilty to charges of espionage and was sentenced to 9 years in prison.

LT Donna Geiger--  Navy lieutenant Geiger was a double agent who had been recruited by the Naval Investigative Service. She was stationed at the US Naval Facility in Argentia. On board the Soviet ship, she portrayed herself as a “disgruntled female naval officer. She brought classified material to prove her intentions. Two months later she received a letter indicating someone would meet with her. Finally in May 1987, acting on directions she received by mail, she met her contact, “Michael,” in the parking lot of the Hotel Newfoundland in St. John's. She was given money and some tasking to collect information. A week later Lt. Geiger met Michael in a restaurant. Classified information was exchanged for money. During this meeting she was tasked to provide information on the highly classified Sound Underwater Surveillance System, the Naval Facility Argentia's area of responsibility. After several more meetings, Michael was identified as Ratkai. At their last meeting in June 1988, Geiger steered Ratkai to a room at the Hotel Newfoundland which was outfitted with surveillance equipment. More money and classified information was exchanged. When Ratkai left the room, he was arrested. No damage is reported to have occurred. 


Video-- Argentia Spy Case


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