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Help, Guides and Instructions: Summon Power Search FAQs

This Research Guide helps patrons of the NWC Library make the most of their library experience by introducing important databases and resources available to them. It serves as a starting place to learn how to use the library online catalog and databases.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) About Summon Power Search

What is Summon?

Summon Power Search is a discovery tool that allows you ro search the vast majority of the Naval War College Library's collections through a single search box.


What can I search in Summon?

You can find books/ebooks, journals, articles, research guides, newspapers, DVD's/CD's, audiobooks, online & physical resources, and more!


When should I use Summon?

Summon Power Search is a great tool for getting started on your research, searching for full-text articles, and to search for books/ebooks/journal articles all at the same time. It allows you to quickly browse and access most of the library's available resources, and reveals just how much information is out there on your research topic.

Summon Power Search may be a good starting point for your research, but you won't find everything available to you through the library's many resources if you only use Summon.  Subject matter such as archival materials, legal information, and country data & statistics may not be thoroughly represented in Summon, so it would be beneficial to search subject-specific databases to find more in-depth resources.

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