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Circulation: 3-M Self Check Machine

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Location and Instructions On How to Use the 3-M Self Check Out Machine


The Naval War College Library hosts  two 3-M Self Check out Machines that can be used any time the Library is open. One machine is located on the Main Level near the copy room, H-119,  across from the Circulation Desk. The other machine is located on the lower level near the Reference Collection.

Instructions on how to use the Self-Checkout Machine

1. Slide your NWC key tag under the red laser to activate your account. 

2. To check items out, lay the item FLAT on the left side of the V-cradle with the NWC library barcode facing up, and slide the item until the barcode crosses the red laser beam.  Most barcodes are on the back of the books, however some older books will have the barcode on the inside front cover.

3. The book title will be highlighted on the screen in green. Press "DONE" .

4. Push, "Receipt" button to print out receipt" or "No Receipt".

Questions? Please Ask at the Circulation Desk.