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Circulation: Home

Information on library borrowing policies, Interlibrary Loan procedures, and library visitor information

Circulation Desk Contact Information

Hewitt Hall
686 Cushing Road

Newport, RI 02841-1207


Circulation Desk Phone Number: (401) 856-5590



Circulation Desk Hours

Open 0600-2300 daily

Staffed Monday-Friday, 0800-1600

Note: Desk is not staffed on Federal Holidays


The purpose of this guide is to assist both old and new library patrons in successfully utilizing all the resources the Naval War College Library has to offer. By addressing some of the most frequently asked questions about the library, this guide will hopefully allow patrons to gather information without difficulty.  To navigate through the pages just click on the above tabs. If your question is not addressed within this guide, feel free to contact the circulation department using the contact information to the left or search one of our other library guides for information. Enjoy!

Naval War College Key Tag

To locate instructions on how to find your empower number please click on the last tab at the top of this page. An empower number or a Naval War College Library key tag is needed for authentication to utilize the library resources. A key tag  can be issued to any eligible library user at the Circulation Desk.The library key tag will be used as your library identification number to check out materials, recall materials and make lists of books. Once issued this key tag will replace your automatically generated empower number in our library system.