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Cyberwarfare: Databases

In light of cyber attacks and cyber-related incidents, governments worldwide are developing cyber defense strategies to counter cyber terrorists. This LibGuide provides links to documents, books, articles, Websites, and chronologies on cyberwarfare.


Articles in military and national security periodicals

  • Select subject area: Military & National Security.
  • Select Advanced and then Advanced Search at top of page.
  • In top search box, type: cyberwar* or cyber war* and select Document title--TI on pull-down menu (alternately, repeat the search selecting Abstract--AB from the pull-down menu).
  • You may also do a combined search looking for the keywords in the title OR abstract.)
  • Narrow your results by selecting an option from the right-hand side of page.
  • Click any of the computer generated suggested subject searches or construct your own search strategies.

EBSCO Military and Government Collection; EBSCO International Security & Counter Terrorism Reference Center

Military and defense related periodicals, pamphlets, and newsletters

Homeland Security Digital Library

Homeland security strategy, policy and research documents published by federal, state and local government agencies, international governments and institutions, and research institutions, universities, think tanks

Lexis-Nexis Academic

Articles in the legal literature

  • Select  Legal from the "search by subject or topic" located directly above the main search box on the right side;
    click Law Reviews.
  • Type search strategy in search box:
    cyberwar! or cyber war!


U.S. foreign and domestic policy papers and gray literature

In search box, type cyberwar* or cyber war*.


Articles found in the various Jane's products

  • Select Search in the upper right-hand area of the screen.
  • Perform a Quick Search by typing
     cyberwar* or cyber war* in the search box (use asterisks as indicated).

DTIC (Defense Technical Information Center)

Unclassified defense information and technical reports: Naval War College JMO papers and
student papers originating at the various service schools 

  • In search box, type: cyberwar OR cyberwarfare OR "cyber war" OR "cyber warfare" (use upper case OR; use quotation marks as indicated). Alternately, search using related search keywords as listed on the right-hand side of page.