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Humanitarian Assistance and Disaster Response (HA/DR): Training Courses

This research portal provides key resources for scholars and practitioners working on issues related to civil-military coordination in humanitarian assistance and disaster responses

Training from ICRC / UN

Training from Associations / Centers / Institutes

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Training from Academia

HRP Training

The HRP offers tailored HA/DR education to the U.S. Navy through the following courses.

  • Fleet Humanitarian Operations Course (FHOC) Dynamic, tailored, and scalable courses and simulations to prepare U.S. Navy Fleet headquarters and Carrier / Expeditionary Strike Group staffs to effectively plan, execute, and assess HA/DR operations.
  • Maritime Humanitarian Assistance Survey Team (MarHAST) Course Commander, U.S. Pacific Fleet-directed course that prepares select personnel from U.S. Navy Fleet headquarters and Carrier / Expeditionary Strike Group staffs to serve as a tactical level reconnaissance and liaison element during HA/DR operations.
  • Naval War College In-Residence Courses HRP provide lectures and simulations for CFMCC Flag Courses, ELOC, MOPC, and NWC Master’s Degree Electives.

If you are interested in learning more about these courses, or require a tailored solution to fit your HA/DR education needs, please contact us.


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