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South China Sea: Journal Literature

Introduction to Journal Literature

A broad scope of journal articles are retrieved using Primo VE Search.  Primo VEa powerful discovery tool, retrieves articles from  the EBSCO, JSTOR, ProQuest, and Taylor & Francis journal collections in an integrated search. It is worth considering, however, that the full extent of journal articles in a particular digital collection and subject area or keyword combination may not be visible in an integrated discovery search. Searching these journal platforms individually for the fullest mining of literature offers an opportunity to use refined search techniques that will enhance results. 

Below are the links into the library's individual electronic platforms for journal literature and NWC Library Instructions on how to use them.

EBSCO Journal Collections

The NWC Library has access to two journal platforms from EBSCO.  Check out the NWC Library Instruction on using the EBSCO Journal Collection to select searching both electronic resources simultaneously. 


JSTOR is a large digital repository of scholarly journal literature.  Use JSTOR to find robust background materials to support your research.

Taylor and Francis Journals Online

NWC purchases a select collection of peer-reviewed journals from Taylor and Francis such as Defence and Peace Economics, Security Studies, Small Wars and Insurgencies.  Articles from these journals are discovered in an integrated search via Primo VE Search.  These journals can also be searched as a separate collection from the Electronic Resources A-Z list.

Note that two important annual publications from the International Institute of Strategic Studies (IISS), the Military Balance, and Strategic Survey, are housed within T&F Online.  They are linked above, and also available directly from the Electronic Resources A-Z list.

ProQuest Central Journal Collection

ProQuest is a comprehensive collection of journal literature, dissertations, and eBooks.  Searching ProQuest Central offers searching all these types of materials at once, or selecting only journal articles, or dissertations.