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Research 101: Home

How To Research

Research Overview

This guide outlines the steps in the research process from developing a topic to crediting sources:

  1. Find Your Topic
    • ​​ Choose something that will hold your interest and that you might even be excited about.  You are going to live with this topic for weeks while you research, read, and write your paper.
    • Start your search with Primo VE Search
    • Browse current topics using electronic resources such as Proquest, EBSCO Military & Government, Nexis Uni
    • Read an encyclopedia article on topics you are considering. Reading a broad summary enables you to get an overview of the topic and see how your idea relates to broader, narrower, and related issues. CREDO is a great resource!
    • Brainstorming can help you generate ideas for research paper and to help with organization.
  2. Find Resources 
    • Find the best resources for your paper, including  different types of resources such as books, journal articles, reports, and websites. Make sure to select peer review research.
    • Use CREDO's Mind Map to find related terms related to your topic
    • One of the key factors in finding good resources is to identify relevant keywords. Before beginning your search, start by identifying keywords related to your topic or research questions.
  3. Evaluate Resources
  4. Writing
    • Find strategies and resources to help you write and craft the best argument for your paper topic
  5. Citing
    • ​​Take the time to understand plagiarism and track your citations with the various tools available.

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Subject Guide

Research Tip #1

Want to find the best resources for your paper?

Look for your topic in our Research Guides!

Research Tip #2

Keywords are the main terms that describe your research question or topic.  

  1. Look for keywords that best describe your topic.
  2. Look for keywords when reading background information or encyclopedia articles on your topic
  3. Use them when searching for books and articles.


Research Tip #3: Primo VE Search

Primo VE is a Google-like search that searches across NWC library resources, including articles, books, and electronic resources.