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Alumni Lifelong Learning Resources: Subscription Databases for Alumni (CAC required)

This guide is provided by the Graduate Network for Lifelong Learning, to support Naval War College Alumni with the pursuit of learning throughout their careers.

Register for Access to Alumni Databases (CAC Required)

First time users please register below! You will be notified via email once your account is activated. If you cannot see the form in your browser, please send your request for database access to and include first name, last name and the email address on your CAC card. (Current students, faculty and staff should not use this form. You have access to an expanded set of databases via the main library website.)

*Registration and CAC required sites are temporarily unavailable due to technical issues. 

Alumni CAC Authentication Instructions for Subscription Databases

When you open a database link at right, you should see a remote authentication screen like the one below. Alumni should select the "CAC Login" button. CHOOSE YOUR EMAIL CERTIFICATE when prompted. You should then be brought directly to the selected database. You will only have to CAC authenticate once during your browser session. 

Databases Available to Registered NWC Alumni (CAC Required)

Please be sure you have registered for access using the form at left. You will be notified once your registration is activated.

Upon selecting a database link, you will be prompted to CAC authenticate. SELECT YOUR EMAIL CERTIFICATE. You will only need to authenticate to the first database you access during your browser session.