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China Maritime Studies Institute (CMSI): Home

A guide to China research compiled for the China Maritime Studies Institute at the Naval War College

Starting Your Research

Looking for more information on China?  The library has many resources to use and explore.  Click on the following links to begin your research.

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China Maritime Studies Institute (CMSI)

China Maritime Studies Institute (CMSI) scholars perform academic research from Chinese language sources to develop deeper insight into key aspects of China’s growing maritime power. Research is published to inform the U.S. Navy and engage the nation; CMSI faculty also advise current leaders and educate the Navy’s next generation.

In seeking to more fully understand the complexities of China’s emerging role in Asia-Pacific, CMSI continues to seek expanded collaborative relationships with government research centers, civilian academic institutions, and other relevant organizations. These partnerships facilitate research on China’s development as a maritime power.

Featured Research

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