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This Research Guide helps patrons of the NWC Library make the most of their library experience by introducing important electronic resources and collections available to them. It serves as a starting place to learn how to use the library online search too

NWC Academic Honor Code

The Naval War College Organization and Regulations Manual, Instruction 5400.1N, describes the College’s academic honor code. The Naval War College enforces a strict academic code requiring students to credit properly the source of materials directly cited in any written work submitted in fulfillment of diploma or degree requirements. Simply put: plagiarism is prohibited. The code prohibits cheating and the misrepresentation of a paper as a student’s new thought.

Plagiarism is the act of taking ideas, writings, or the like from another and passing them as one’s own. Plagiarism includes the following:

  • The duplication of an author’s words without both quotation marks and accurate references or footnotes.
  • The use of an author’s ideas in paraphrase without accurate reference or footnote.

Students are expected to give full credit in their written submissions when borrowing another’s words and ideas. This code does not prohibit borrowing of words or ideas, with proper attribution, when preparing a paper or essay. A substantially borrowed but attributed paper may, however, lack the originality expected of graduate level work. Submission of such a paper may merit a low or failing grade.

Materials submitted for grading must be in conformance with the Naval War College Academic Honor Code.

Library Aides, Guides and Instructions: Introduction

This Research Guide is meant to help students, staff, and faculty of the Naval War College Library make the most of the wide variety of resources at their disposal, including:

  •  Descriptions of Electronic Resources, Discovery Tools, and Resources
  • Instructional Videos Explaining the Components of each Electronic Resource/Tool/Resource
  • Accessing Resources from Off-Campus
  • Effective Searching Techniques
  • How to Download eBooks
  • How to Use Citation Management Tools
  • Google Help
  • General Research Help
  • How to Find Books
  • How to Find Permanent Links to Journal Articles and Other Resources
  • Searching for Journals
  • Interlibrary Loan Instruction
  • Contact Information for Reference Librarians  

Do You Have a Library Keytag?

Do you have a Naval War College Library keytag?



A library keytag is a necessity for successful research! Use it to borrow books and other circulating material in the library collection, request checked out items, renew books in your library account, or to request Interlibrary Loans.

If you do not already have a keytag, it is easy to get one. Stop by the Service Desk in the library for assistance!

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Phone: 401-856-5605


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