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Help, Guides and Instructions: Janes Online

This Research Guide helps patrons of the NWC Library make the most of their library experience by introducing important electronic resources and collections available to them. It serves as a starting place to learn how to use the library online search too

How to Access Janes Online

Why Janes Online?


Janes Online provides news and analysis on global issues relating to security and defense issues. The country studies are fact filled reports on a range of data regarding all UN recognized countries. The content is updated regularly and contains an archive of content back to the late 1980s.


Accessing Janes Online

  • From the NWC intranet -
    • Go to the NWC Library home page listed under the Library Commons tab and click on the link to take you to the Internet page.
    • Click on the Library Electronic Resources link to access the A to Z List. Select Jane's Online.
  • From the internet -
    • Click on the Library Electronic Resources link on the Library Homepage.
    • From off-campus: Access the electronic resources through EZProxy by using Blackboard or CAC login options.

How to Search Janes Online

How to Search Janes Online

  • Select the Search Option on the top center of the screen to search the entire Janes resource.



Basic Search

  • Separate search terms with AND to search for both terms; use OR to search for either term.
  • Searching for a phrase such as "precision munitions" requires the use of quotation marks. 
  • Choose to search all content or only those parts of Jane’s to which NWC subscribes.
  • Click on the "Question Mark" icon to the right of the search box for more ways to create search terms.



Search Janes: Find a Country  

  • The country button on the top-right tool bar takes you directly into the Country Intelligence module .
  • Click into the Country button on the tool bar at the upper right. 
  • Or type a country name into the Find Country box to go directly to a country. 



Search Janes Defence Module

  • To locate the Defence Budgets module, click on the "Productd" button.
  • Click into Defence Budgets.