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Help, Guides and Instructions: ACLS Humanities eBooks

This Research Guide helps patrons of the NWC Library make the most of their library experience by introducing important databases and resources available to them. It serves as a starting place to learn how to use the library online catalog and databases.

ACLS Humanities eBooks


ACLS Humanities E-Book Collection

This comprehensive electronic library consists of scholarly and peer reviewed books in the humanities.   This collection of seminal works represents the best of the humanities from the disciplines of law, medicine, anthropology, history and philosophy from the 1880s to the present. These titles are sought out by scholars and students because they are often cited in research. Search ACLS when looking for any major humanities title that NWC Library does not have in its print collections.

  • ACLS books cannot be checked out or downloaded in their entirety
  • Ten pages at a time can be printed or saved to a digital file


Printing in ACLS Humanities eBook Collection:

You can print one page at a time when viewing the e-book in image or text mode. Print from your web browser as you would any other webpage.


Downloading from ACLS Humanities eBook Collection:

If you see the  icon, it is possible to download 10 pages of the e-book in PDF at a time. While viewing any page in the e-book, look for the  icon at the top right of the page. From the drop-down menu, select PDF. This will display the current page plus the subsequent pages in PDF within the browser. You can then print the file as you would any other PDF.

You can e-mail or transfer  PDFs to Amazon Kindle and other devices. Download and install the free software program Adobe Digital Editions to transfer the PDF to other e-readers or mobile devices.

Searching ACLS Humanities eBooks

Click on ACLS Humanities Ebooks (or, to find the collection from the Library's homepage, click on "Library Databases", and then "E" for all eBook databases, then choose the ACLS Humanities collection). Once you are in the collection, click on search. You will get a search form:

That allows you to perform a basic search. Use pulldown menus to search in the fulltext or by field, or search in the entire collection of ACLS Humanities E-books or a special collection (i.e. Cambridge Film Classics, John Harvard Library). Click on More Tips if you want to get the most out of your search.

Results display in simple format:

Click on the Table of Contents link to navigate chapter by chapter.

ACLS Humanities eBooks in the Library Catalog

A listing of ACLS Humanities eBooks in the NWC Library Classic Catalog: