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College of Distance Education (CDE) Research Resources: CONTACT INFORMATION

This Research Guide (libGuide) is intended for use by College of Distance Education (CDE) students. Its a guide to library resources for students who are studying offsite.

Naval War College Mailing Address

Naval War College
686 Cushing Road
Newport, RI 02841-1207

Naval War College Reference Desk


Ask a Librarian:

Telephone (comm.): (401) 856-5605

Graduate Degree Program (GDP)

Email: Graduate Degree Program Manager,

Telephone (comm.): (401) 856-5540

DSN: 856-5540

Fleet Seminar Program


Telephone (comm.): (401) 856-5530 

DSN: 856-5530



Online Program


Telephone (comm.): (401) 856-5550

DSN: 856-5550