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Cyberwarfare: Home

In light of cyber attacks and cyber-related incidents, governments worldwide are developing cyber defense strategies to counter cyber terrorists. This LibGuide provides links to documents, books, articles, Websites, and chronologies on cyberwarfare.

The Next Pearl Harbor Could Be a Cyberattack...


"There is no question that the whole arena of cyber attacks, developing technologies in the information area represent potential battlefronts for the future. I have often said that there is a strong likelihood that the next Pearl Harbor that we confront could very well be a cyber attack that cripples our power systems, our grid, our security systems, our financial systems, our governmental systems.

This is a real possibility in today’s world. And as a result, I think we have to aggressively be able to counter that. It is going to take both defensive measures as well as aggressive measures to deal with it. But most importantly, there has to be a comprehensive approach in Government to make sure that those attacks don’t take place."

Remarks by former Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta at his confirmation hearing, 9 June 2011

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