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Philippines/South China Sea: Articles

This research guide provides access to a broad range of resources in the Philippines studies. It was developed in support of the JMO curriculum, and as a portal to highlight the many resources available to begin an in depth study of the Philippines.

Why Use a Database?

Databases are paid subscription resources that bring quality articles from a variety of journals into one place with an advanced search engine (better than a simple Google search).  Many of the databases allow you to read the entire article online and make online content searchable by subject.

Naval War College Student Papers

The Defense Technical Information Center (DTIC) is the "premier provider of DoD technical information." The DTIC technical report collection consists of student papers from the Naval War College and other service schools as well as contracted studies and technical reports produced in support of the defense community.


You can limit papers to those from the Naval War College by typing "Naval War College" (in quotation marks) in your simple or advanced search.

Below are some example papers.

NWC Journal Search

Click here to use the journal finder tool to check if the NWC Library has the journal for which you are looking.

Guide to Access a Specific Journal

Databases vs. Google

Be careful of doing a simple Google search as a source for your research. Many sites that a Google search will link you to may not be authoritative or credible (or may contain incorrect information). You should investigate websites for authenticity by checking their sources. An advanced search in Google can be very helpful, especially at the beginning of your research project to help you narrow down your topic.  See this Google guide to help you with an advanced Google search.

Congressional Research Service (CRS) Reports

RAND Reports