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Help, Guides and Instructions: Primo VE Search

This Research Guide helps patrons of the NWC Library make the most of their library experience by introducing important electronic resources and collections available to them. It serves as a starting place to learn how to use the library online search too

Search All of the Library's Resources With Primo VE!

Primo VE is a simple, one-stop search with access to both subscription-based and freely-accessible materials; including articles, books, videos, digital media and other resources available through the NWC Library.  All of these materials can be searched within a single search box!


How to Access Primo VE

Primo VE is accessed right on the Naval War College Library homepage.  Simply enter your search term in the search box to search for books, journal articles, and ebooks:



Primo VE Tutorial Videos

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) About Primo VE

What is Primo VE?

Primo Search is a discovery tool that allows you ro search the vast majority of the Naval War College Library's collections through a single search box.


What can I search in Primo VE?

You can find books/ebooks, journals, articles, research guides, newspapers, DVD's/CD's, audiobooks, online & physical resources, and more!


When should I use Primo VE?

Primo VE is a great tool for getting started on your research, searching for full-text articles, and to search for books/ebooks/journal articles all at the same time. It allows you to quickly browse and access most of the library's available resources, and reveals just how much information is out there on your research topic.

Primo VE may be a good starting point for your research, but you won't find everything available to you through the library's many resources if you only use Primo.  Subject matter such as archival materials, legal information, and country data & statistics may not be thoroughly represented in Primo, so it would be beneficial to search subject-specific electronic resources  to find more in-depth resources.

RefWorks in Primo VE

RefWorks can be accessed from Primo VE!  You can search in Primo VE while at the same time saving citations and creating bibliographies, all on the same platform.

Click on the link below for more information:


YouTube Video Tutorial:

Logging into Primo VE

To log into your library account to renew books, save searches, and more; you must click on the "sign in" option on the top right side of the Primo VE search page:



Once you click on the sign in button, a pop-up menu will appear:



It may take a few moments to load.


Choose the first option for CAC authentication.  If you receive an “error” message, please email for assistance.


A new page will open.  Select your CAC certificate to access your account.




If you were NOT issued a CAC with NWC credentials, please choose the second option for email authentication.


A new page will open, click on the green area to enter your USNWC email address:





You will receive an email in your inbox.  Please follow the instructions within the email to continue the log-in process.  If you receive an “error” message, please email for assistance.



For additional assistance, please email us at or chat with us!

Primo VE Search Tips

  • Search:  Enter your search terms in the search box:




  • Refine:  Use the filters on the left side of your search results to refine your search.  Options include limiting by availabilitydate of publication, resource type (books, journal articles, images, ect), and language to name a few. For example, to only view peer reviewed journal articles you must click on the Peer-reviewed Journal Articles tab:




  • Get Item:  Simply click on the item in the search results list to access it:





Advanced Search will allow you to enter search terms within a specific field, such as TitleISBNAuthor's Name, etc.  This option can be helpful if you are searching for a specific item rather than for multiple results on a topic.  To get to the Advanced Search screen, click on  "Advanced Search"  to the right of the keyword search box at the top of the results page:




Clicking on Advanced opens a page with all of the Advanced Search options:




More Tips:

- Use quotation marks

- Add more keywords

- Learn more about Effective Search Strategies & Searching Specifically in Primo VE Search

- Need more assistance with Primo?  Contact the Reference Librarians!