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Help, Guides and Instructions: Journals

This Research Guide helps patrons of the NWC Library make the most of their library experience by introducing important databases and resources available to them. It serves as a starting place to learn how to use the library online catalog and databases.

Finding Journals Instructions

How to Find a Specific Journal


Looking for a specific magazine, journal, or newspaper? Search a comprehensive list of periodicals to find out if the Library has a specific publication in paper, microfilm, or electronic format. Journals & e-Journals includes:

  • The titles of all periodicals the Library currently receives (or received at one time)
  • Links to the electronic version of periodicals when available through a subscription database


  • Go to the NWC Library home page
  • Click on the Search Journals link located under the main search box at the top of the page


  • Type the Name of the Periodical you are looking for (NOT the title of the article) in the Search for Journal by Title box.
  • The default search option is Title begins with, but if you are not sure of the exact title, use the drop down menu to select Title contains all words and enter the words of the title that you know.
  • Click Enter.

NOTEYou may also search for a particular periodical by Subject or by Browsing the list of titles.

Example: A search for the journal Foreign Affairs displays the following results:

From the above results one can see that the periodical Foreign Affairs from Volume 1 (1922) through the present is available in both print and microfilm format in the Naval War College Library. It is also available in electronic format from a variety of online database sources. Click one of the database links to be taken directly to the electronic version of the periodical. Select the volume and issue you need by clicking the appropriate link.


  • Always check the date range for periodical availability when selecting a database link.
  • For electronic format select ProQuest if that option is given. ProQuest is a very user-friendly database that links you directly to the periodical requested.
  • Detailed information about the Library’s print or microform holding of a periodical can be found by searching its Title in the Online Catalog.