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Counterintelligence: Harold James Nicholson

Counterintelligence can be described as activities designed to prevent or thwart spying, intelligence gathering, and sabotage by an enemy or other foreign entity. This guide provides books, articles, reports, websites, and videos on the subject.

Harold James Nicholson, CIA

Harold James "Jim" Nicholson is a former CIA officer who was twice convicted of spying for Russia's Foreign Intelligence Service.  He was sentenced to 23 years and 7 months for conspiracy to commit espionage in 1997, and 8 years for conspiracy to act as an agent of the Russian government and money laundering in 2011.



Video-- The Spy's Son

Investigative reporter and Pulitzer Prize finalist Bryan Denson offers the authoritative account of how Harold James Nicholson twice betrayed his country.

Video-- Highest Ranking CIA Agent Turned Spy

Video on how Harold James Nicholson, former CIA officer, became a twice-convicted spy for Russia's Foreign Intelliegnce Service


Online Resources

Podcast-- Harold "Jim" Nicholson